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BlueChip’s Asset Wars

Five leading industry lights made the case for "their" asset class, covering Australian equities, global equities, cash, fixed interest and unlisted property. It was an end of year celebration with a difference – inspiration for the investment minded.

Storified by Tamera Lang · Tue, Nov 27 2012 17:38:06

Some great financial experts presenting at The @BlueChip_Comm Asset Wars! #BCEvents McDonald
Great audience! #AssetWars #bcevents Lang
First up was Tim Samway from Hyperion, arguing the case for Australian equities. 
"Smart good looking powerful – a heavy mix!" @TimSamway trying to win judge @carden over at The @BlueChip_Comm Asset Wars #BCEventsAideen McDonald
#bcevents benchmark isn’t the benchmark says @timsamway it’s more like rubbish and gold nuggets waiting to be sorted into ‘bin’ or ‘keep’carden calder
Due diligence pays off – not chasing diversification #AssetWars #bcevents #aussieequitiesTamera Lang
Grant Foster from Principal Global Investors returned fire with an impressive case for global equities. 
#bcevents assetwars @bluechip_comm? PGI’s Grant Foster SMASHES Aussie equities. Used google? Own an apple product? Do better: invest in themcarden calder
Forster: Over the last 7/10yrs Aussie Eq has over performed but the reversal is starting 2 happen #globalequities is the way to go #BCEventsAideen McDonald
Greg McAweeney from RaboDirect argued the rightful place for cash – and there’s more opportunity than most investors think
Be clever about your term deposit strategy – sound advice from Greg from RaboDirect #AssetWars #bceventsTamera Lang
@carden @gregmcaweeney has taken his tie off. It’s serious. @BlueChip_Comm #bceventsLisa Lintern
@lisa_lintern @gregmcaweeney check him out – working the crowd! Lots of laughing already! #BCEvents McDonald
#bcevents older demographic is 40+? #gutted thanks @gregmcaweeney @bluechip_commcarden calder
RT @carden: #bcevents older demographic is 40+? #gutted thanks @gregmcaweeney @bluechip_comm Ha. Wait till you’re 50-plus.Greg Smith
#bcevents @gregmcaweeney argues case for snatching back your share of the $4bn in lost interest in lazy bank accounts
Susan Buckley from QIC took up the fight for fixed interest – making some interesting claims indeed!
Fxed interest is now sexy!! @SusanBuckley representing #FixedInterest @BlueChip_Comm #AssetWars #BCEventsAideen McDonald
#bcevents QIC’s Susan Buckley – AAA rated country. Fixed interest? Govt bonds. Why go anywhere else? @bluechip_comm asset warscarden calder
#bcevents QIC’s Susan Buckley re other asset classes in the asset wars? Bums calder
Finally, after some light-hearted sledging from the rest of the panel, Jason Huljich from Centuria graced the stage to sing the praises of unlisted property 
#bcevents unlisted property beats listed property – low equity market correlation…defensive asset class says Centuria’s Huljichcarden calder
Bullish remarks on property #AssetWars #bceventsTamera Lang
Brilliant comments from the youngest panelist @JasonHul quietened the rest @BlueChip_Comm #AssetWars #BCEvents McDonald
But there could only be one winner…. congratulations Grant Foster from Principal Global Investors!
Global equities takes the prize! #AssetWars #bceventsTamera Lang
Thanks to contestants in #AssetWars and congrats to winner @grantforster rep’ing #globalequities Comm
@lucy_pryor @carden Grant Forster (CEO Principal Global Investors) took out first place with his entertaining case on #globalequities!BlueChip Comm
Who would have guessed that talking asset classes for an hour could be so entertaining – awesome panel #AssetWars #bceventsTamera Lang
Diversification the real winner of inaugural asset wars Newham
@Ray1Griffin Hi Ray, thanks for the RT @bluechip_Comm hosted a very entertaining (and informative) evening – a great time was had by all!Susie Newham
Didn’t attend @BlueChip_Comm’s #assetwars? Read about it @InvestorDailyAU Comm