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PostHeaderIcon Necessity is the mother of all “re” invention

I was at business coaching session the other day, and someone asked me for one of my business cards. I promptly handed it over, somewhat ashamedly, as it is a very basic ”free” card, which is serving as my interim card until I get new ones done. So upon handing it over, I also gave this explanation, as I am not exactly proud of my cards. I realised that I’d been handing these cards out for too long, and really needed to do something about it. It hit home to me that my business cards and website presence were not reflecting how I wanted myself and my business to be perceived.

And so I have begun the process of re-inventing myself.

I’m currently getting new business cards done, and I’m creating a new website too. Both of these will complement one another, as well as fit in with my existing letterhead, invoice and fax templates, and email signatures. It’s important to create a presence that you are proud of, and that reflects how you want to be perceived. Many times, I have heard people advise new business operators to just get a business card or a website that is cheap, to get them started, and in the early days of starting a business, cheap is often the only solution. But be mindful of the message you are sending when you do this. Are you sending a message that you are a serious business person? That you focus on attention to detail? That you offer high quality products and services? Or are you silently communicating that you will take the “this will do for now” approach?

eSpire Solutions can help small businesses to establish their marketing materials and style guides to ensure that all marketing collateral they produce is working for them, and presenting a consistent, high quality message. Our team can also create logos, business cards, stationery and websites for you. Don’t underestimate the power of good quality collateral – it’s representing you, and reflects how you want to be perceived.

Is it time for your own re-invention? If so, then get in touch with us to talk about how we can help you.

Till next time,

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